Why Spring is the Best Time for Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

spring lawn fertilization weed control

For those who enjoy a luscious, green lawn during the warmer parts of the year, the early spring and summer periods are very important for several themes. One of these that you should be strongly considering, if you haven’t already that is: Applying weed control, fertilizer and related approaches to your lawn to prepare it for the months ahead.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer the very best lawn and yard maintenance services for our Logan and other Utah clients, including several different fertilizers, lawn insecticides and other products or services that will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the upcoming warm season. Why is spring an ideal time for this, and what should you be thinking about as you move forward here, either on your own or with help from our pros? Here’s a primer.

Lawn Emerging from Dormancy

One of the primary reasons why spring is such an ideal time for this work is that it’s during this season when your lawn is emerging from its winter dormancy. Over the colder months, growth all but stops as the turfgrass goes into a state of preservation. Soil temperatures drop, and there’s less sunlight and moisture available for growth, so the grasses largely go into survival mode.

When warmer temperatures arrive and the spring season comes, lawns begin to “wake up.” In doing so, there’s often an influx of weeds that take advantage of the weakened turfgrass and begin eating away at it. This is when you need to be particularly aggressive in performing your weed control work – or leaving it for our pros if necessary.

Jump-Starting Growth and Root Systems

Down related lines, spring is a great time to apply fertilizers and other products that can help jump-start the grass’s growth cycle. For example, we often recommend lawn insecticides during this season as well, because many insects are simply taking advantage of poorer turfgrass health to feed and do damage.

In doing so, your root systems will grow more robustly as well, enabling your lawn to more effectively get through the summer months. As these roots are able to extract more nutrients and water from the soil, this means less reliance on your sprinkler system – not only helping you save money but also making sure that other environmental benefits can be realized as well.

Watering and Related Themes

Now, application of fertilizer and related products isn’t the end of the story here. You also need to make sure that you’re watering your lawn effectively and consistently during the spring months, which is another theme that we often bring up at Logan Extermination. With consistent, appropriate watering during this season, you can enjoy a much less thirsty turf than might otherwise be an issue – which in turn saves money, helps the environment and makes a healthy lawn even healthier.

For more information on our lawn care services in Logan, Utah and other areas of the Beehive State, don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately. We’ll be happy to discuss these themes, as well as others you might have regarding your lawn or grass in spring.

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