Tree Fertilization

Not everyone takes the time for tree fertilization, but they should. After all, it’s not just lawns and flowers that need fertilizer. Give the trees at your Logan property a fair shot at growing up to be big, strong and healthy — call Logan Extermination for tree fertilizer service.

Tree roots are deep, and as such, oftentimes the best way to fertilize a tree is to bore holes in the earth around the drip line of the tree’s canopy and deliver the fertilizer straight to where it needs to go. Other types of fertilizer can be sprinkled on the ground around the base of the tree. 

Not all types of fertilizer are suitable for all types of trees. That’s why it’s best to rely on the experts at Logan Extermination for your tree fertilization needs.


You can’t always immediately see the effects of tree fertilization, but believe us, it’s important. Tree fertilizer not only helps trees look strong, healthy and green, but it shores them up to be able to better fight of pests and disease, and to withstand weather extremes such as drought, heavy snow and other challenges.

Taking good care of your trees means they will live longer, and they will look better too. Having healthy trees on your Logan property definitely improves home values. It takes decades to grow a beautiful shade tree, so if you’re lucky enough to already have one, ensure it stays healthy by getting tree fertilizer services every year from Logan Extermination.


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