Spring Weed Basics and Prevention Techniques

spring weed prevention techniques

Weeds can be a frustration for lawn and garden owners throughout the year, but the season where they’re often most invasive is the spring. Months of cold temperatures give way to warmth and much more ideal circumstances for weed growth in the spring period, but there are some basic precautions and actions you can take to ensure significant weed growth isn’t a problem for you.

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to help. In addition to quality pest control and extermination services, we also offer comprehensive lawn and yard care services to all our Utah clients, including wed control and prevention at various times in the year. Why do weeds tend to grow most aggressively during spring, and what are some basic steps you can take to stop major weed growth from invading your grass or any other part of your yard? Here’s a primer.

Why Weeds Grow Rapidly in Spring

Spring is known to be the top time for weed growth, as we mentioned above. But why is this?

The answer is largely the same reason as many other plants flourish this time of year: It’s simply more conducive to their growth. Most plants or grass varieties simply can’t grow during the cold Utah winter – but when the temperatures rise even 10 or 20 degrees to above freezing level, conditions immediately begin improving. Suddenly, weed seeds that have been laying dormant for the winter will be able to receive far more nourishment in the form of warmth and spring rains, and this will encourage their growth along with other plant and grass types.

Importance of Fertilization

One of the single best tools at your disposal for preventing weed growth: Properly fertilizing your lawn in the early parts of spring. Not only will a fertilizer stimulate lawn growth and bring you a healthy, green lawn quickly, it will also prevent weed seeds from germinating and will stop them from forming as the weather continues to warm up. Whether you fertilize yourself or call on our lawn care professionals to handle it for you, having this done during early spring is vital.

Other Tips on Weed Prevention

In addition to fertilization, here are some general tips on preventing weeds:

  • If you see weed sprouts growing in important areas, pull them by hand or with a small gardening hoe.
  • Use mulch coverings in areas like flower beds, vegetable gardens and kids play areas. This will minimize weed growth in these areas, which sometimes then spreads to your grass.
  • For existing weeds, especially in narrow areas like between driveway or walkway cracks, pour boiling hot water on them to kill them. However, do not do this on actual lawn or garden areas, as it may kill other plants.
  • Professional assistance: If you have regular weed issues, contact our team for our broadleaf weed killer and fall weed control services.

For more on weed prevention during spring, or to learn about any of our lawn maintenance, pest control or other services, speak to the staff at Logan Extermination today.

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