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Logan Extermination has organic, natural pest control products available upon request. We are happy to offer child and pet safe pest control services as well. 

Commercial pest control — whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, hotel or office building — should be considered a necessary part of regular maintenance. All too often, clients wait until they see cockroaches or bed bugs to call us. Rest assured that for every one of these creatures you see, there are 100 you can’t see. Then the battle is on.

Bed bugs can spell disaster for any kind of hospitality business. Tiny and notoriously hard to get rid of, these creatures suck the blood out of your guests at night, leaving itchy red welts behind and in all likelihood, going home with them in their luggage. 

While termites won’t bite you, they can quickly destroy your commercial building. If you’re lucky and you catch a termite infestation early, you may only have to replace a door or some framing. If the problem has been going on for some time, it can jeopardize your entire structure.


Ants have been known to invade any building — residential or commercial. While they love to eat sugar and grease, they may wander in and take up residence for other reasons as well. While ants are considered a nuisance, carpenter ants in particular can be destructive, chewing up wood and using it to build their nests. An infestation can number in the tens of thousands.

Boxelder bugs don’t usually bite and they don’t destroy your house, but they will try to take it over by congregating in large numbers on the walls. You’ll notice them trying to move in in the fall, when the weather gets cool. You can protect yourself by making sure your screens are in good repair, but if they get past your defenses, call Logan Extermination and we’ll take care of the problem for you.

Mice and Rodent Control

Bug Removal

Persistent Pests

Flying Bugs


Residential Pest Control

What we can do
for your home

In addition to pest-specific treatments, Logan Extermination provides a variety of treatment options for the control of general insects:

Inside/Outside Combination

This is the most effective way to treat your pest issues, and fully protects the home.

Outside Only

Full exterior from foundation to eves and a perimeter around base of home.

Foundation Only

Sprays for just the creepy crawlers like termites.

Overhead Only

For the flying insects, such as wasps.


Commercial Pest Control

What we can do
for your business

Pests can hurt your businesses reputation, disrupt day-to-day operations and result in compliance fines. We’ll protect your business from these possibilities.

Program Customization

We can customize a program to meet all possible needs: interior, exterior, interior/exterior combo for insects, rodents, etc.)

Hard To Control Insects

Hard to control insects such as roaches, termites and bedbugs can be worked into a program as well.

Scheduled Services

Services can be provided monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly.

FDA-approved Products

Our products are FDA-approved. We provide labels, MSDS, and a generated reporting system to ensure complete compliance.

For more information, or to schedule pest control service, call us at 435-752-8450.


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