Why Fall Weed Spraying is Important

fall weed spraying important

Weeds are never a desirable element in your yard or garden, and there are a few crux points during the year where treating them can be particularly effective. One such crux point: During the fall season, where killing weeds not only prevents annual species from sticking around during winter, but also kills perennial invaders like clover or dandelion.

At Logan Extermination, we’re happy to provide a wide range of lawn and yard maintenance services, including fall weed spraying services to rid your lawn and garden of these annoying plants before the frost hits for the year. What are the types of weeds that are most concerning this time of year, and what will our treatments be targeting? Let’s go over this plus a quick word on ideal treatment timing.

Fall Weed Types

The primary weed type we’ll be going after is known as the winter annual, a broad category of weeds that tends to germinate in late summer or early fall. These weeds then grow and expand during the later fall and even into winter, plus will still be around in spring to begin setting their seeds.

Some examples of winter annual weeds include henbit, annual bluegrass, corn speedwell, chickweed and several others. Dandelions also germinate in fall, though not as copiously as they do in spring.

In addition, fall is ideal for controlling perennial weeds. This is the time of year when they begin their winter food storage, shifting their internal foodstuffs from leaves to roots. If they’re sprayed and killed before winter hits, however, the chemical will move from leaves to roots, and will stop this from happening.

Treatment Targets

If you’ll be going after both annual and perennial weeds, you need a weed killer that has both pre- and post-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergent herbicide will kill the weeds that haven’t sprouted up from their roots yet, while post-emergent will kill weeds that are already growing. This is one area our pros will handle for you automatically, as we have significant experience with both types.

Ideal Treatment Timing

As far as timing goes, this depends on the specific area in which you live. Northern locations that get cold earlier will typically need weed treatment as early as Labor Day, but warmer and temperate areas like Utah can usually wait until mid or even late October. If you’re unsure about precisely when to consider this treatment, just call up our team for simple expertise and advice.

For more on fall weed spraying and related treatments for your yard, or to learn about any of our lawn care, tree spraying or any of our pest control services, contact the pros at Logan Extermination today to set up a consultation.

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