Pre-Emergent Herbicides for Weed Prevention

Pre-Emergent Herbicides for Weed Prevention

When it comes to the spring and early parts of the summer growing season, weed prevention will typically be one of the top priorities for various gardens, landscapes and other property areas. There are several strong resources available to you for weed prevention, and one of the most robust is the use of pre-emergent herbicides.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer a wide range of lawn and yard care, tree spraying services and more to clients around Logan and nearby areas. Here are some of the most effective pre-emergent herbicide products and options out there, whether you’re looking at tree care, lawn care or weed prevention for any other area of your property.

Dimension or Treflan

For various trees, shrubs and ornamental flower beds on your property, pre-emergent herbicide products like Dimension or Treflan are known to have some of the best results. These options, which are both granule-style herbicides, work to prevent the germination of weed seedlings by creating a barrier around the targeted area.

They tend to prevent weeds for anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on the specific product and its application. While these pre-emergent herbicides are highly effective, it’s important to note that they can also prevent desirable plants from germinating as well. Be sure to carefully read the instructions and consider whether this trade-off is worth it for your particular lawn or landscape.


If you have fruit trees or various woody fruiting shrubs, such as blackberries or raspberries, you might instead look to Casoron as your pre-emergent herbicide of choice. This product is meant to handle weeds around already-established landscape ornamentals, fruit trees, nut trees and related greenery.

Casoron utilizes dichlobenil as its active ingredient and works to prevent weed growth for approximately six months after application. While it’s highly effective, this particular herbicide should be used with caution as it can potentially harm certain plants or trees – be sure to read all instructions and follow them carefully before applying.

Vegetable Gardens

What about if you have a vegetable garden? In most such cases, use of Treflan will also be recommended – this is because it’s the best pre-emergent herbicide for handling weeds in newly planted vegetable gardens.

However, be sure to not apply too closely to your vegetables themselves – this can cause harm and even ruin your garden entirely. Consider using an applicator that allows you to target specific areas without risking overspray or drift onto vulnerable plant life.

As you can see, there are various pre-emergent herbicide options out there depending on your specific needs. For more information on our top-notch tree spraying services or any of our pest control and prevention programs, speak to the staff at Logan Extermination today. Our friendly experts will be happy to provide you some recommendations and assist with any other questions you may have about weed prevention methods.

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