Why Late Winter is Ideal for Pruning Fruit Trees

winter ideal pruning fruit trees

While it’s true that some areas of tree and yard care will halt temporarily during the winter period in a place like Logan or anywhere else in Utah, certain areas of tree care can absolutely still be carried out this time of year. One good example that’s particularly idea for the late winter or even early spring period: Pruning any fruit trees on your property to prepare them for warm season.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer a number of tree and shrub care services to clients, including everything from fertilization to tree trimming and pruning solutions. Why is this time of the year often considered ideal for trimming and pruning fruit trees, and what should be done while this job is being carried out, either by you or by our team of specialists? Here’s a primer.

Energy Stored During Winter

When fruit trees shut down late in fall, they use very little energy during the winter — and save it all for springtime, which is why they generally burst out in growth so early. Thus, fruit trees should be ‘woken up’ by trimming and pruning after winter has passed — ideally around the beginning of February! This allows them to take advantage of all that stored energy and break bud at their own pace once the weather warms up.

Tree Still Dormant

In addition to the schedule your fruit trees are following, this late winter period is also the easiest for carrying out simple tree pruning jobs, since trees are still dormant at this time of year. That makes it the perfect opportunity to do the work that you’ve been putting off all winter without worrying about consequences or repercussions — any mistakes won’t significantly damage your tree’s health.

And if you need assistance with any part of this, the Logan Extermination team is here to help.

Encourages Strong Growth

Trimming at this point in the year encourages strong new growth and development, while also rejuvenating your tree. This can make it particularly robust once spring arrives and you start to care for it again in earnest — meaning more fruit sooner!

Dormant Oil Spray

Another process that may be carried out around this same time, or even simultaneously with fruit tree pruning during winter, is a dormant oil spray. For control of insects and diseases that are typically an issue during the springtime, this application should take place around February or March — just watch for budding!

These sprays are used on fruit trees before the buds begin to swell, in order to destroy eggs or small larvae that are still waiting in the soil. If this doesn’t happen, they will hatch just when your tree starts pushing out new leaves — and you’ll have an infestation right at the worst possible moment.

For more on why late winter is often ideal for pruning fruit trees, or for assistance with this or any of our other programs or services, speak to the staff at Logan Extermination today.

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