General Tips on Winterizing Your Yard During Fall

tips winterizing yard fall

The fall is an important transitional period for homeowners everywhere, and this theme extends exterior areas as well as interior ones. One important area diligent homeowners will attend to during this time of year: Winterizing their yard and outdoor space to prepare it for the upcoming Utah winter.

At Logan Extermination, we’re happy to help with a variety of lawn and yard services, including assistance with winterization themes for any part of your landscape or garden area. Either on your own or with the assistance of our team, what are some of the top recommendations we make for yard winterization? Here’s a basic primer.

Winterizing Your Sprinklers

As the weather turns cold for the fall and eventual winter, it’s important to drain all of your exterior sprinklers. This way, you can avoid costly ruptures in the water lines due to freezing temperatures during the night or various days throughout the winter season.

Be sure this is done before the temperatures get too cold. You should be paying attention the temperatures at the coldest part of the day, not the warmest — this means checking weather patterns for the nighttime in your area.

Aerating the Lawn

For those who want to promote a healthy lawn through the winter and headed into spring, aerating the lawn is a major step that needs to be taken before it gets too cold outside. Aeration involves creating holes in the lawn, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients it can absorb and helping to promote a greener and healthier look.

Perform aeration in late September or early October — after this time, there simply won’t be enough time for all of your grass to recover from being tilled with an aerator before winter arrives.

Winter Fertilization Themes

Cool-season lawns should typically be fertilized during the fall, while grass is still actively growing but the temperatures (at least during the day) aren’t too hot. Look at the fertilizer label to find out which theme is appropriate for your lawn and follow that theme precisely. The general rule: “Light fertilization before winter, heavy fertilization in spring” — but this will vary depending on your specific grass and growing conditions.

Pest Prevention

In addition, because certain pests will use dropping temperatures as an excuse to try and find shelter in your home or nearby areas, it’s important to hit on a couple basic pest control areas:

  • Mice and vole prevention: Mice and voles love to burrow underground during the fall, winter and spring. If there are any areas that they’re entering from outside, now is the time to seal those entrances off through a combination of concrete, hardware cloth or other sealing methods.
  • General insect spraying: Both inside and outside the home, it’s important to inspect for any possible pest invasions before winter arrives. This means paying attention to the exterior walls of your home, doors and windows, areas where pests can enter or hide if they spot an opportunity — and arranging professional spraying services to prevent these risks or deal with any specific infestations that have already formed.

Our team is happy to help with any of your pest control needs, as well.

For more on how to winterize your lawn and exterior property during the fall, or to learn about any of our services in this area, speak to the staff at Logan Extermination today.

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