Using Early Fall to Spray Lawn for Weeds

early fall spray lawn weeds

While weed spraying and other forms of combatting weeds can be carried out at many times through the year, there are certain periods that tend to be ideal for this. The current late summer/early fall period we’re in around Utah is a great example, offering several key benefits as a time period for spraying your lawn and getting rid of any weeds in the area.

At Logan Extermination, we’re happy to offer a wide range of lawn and yard maintenance services to clients around Logan and other parts of Utah, including weed spraying and many other options. Here are some basics on why this time period is great for spraying for weeds, plus some quick words on the use of pre-emergent this time of year to control the germination of new weed seeds during fall and winter.

Cooling Temperatures Are Perfect for Weed Spraying

As we move into late summer and early fall, the temperatures begin to cool off. This is a great time to spray for weeds since the cooler temperatures make it easier for our technicians to use a more concentrated form of weed killer that can really take care of any existing weeds on your lawn.

Furthermore, because there’s less evaporation taking place due to the cooler temperatures, the weed killer remains on your lawn longer. This helps ensure that it can do its job of killing existing weeds and ensuring that new ones won’t sprout up in their place.

Prevents Seeds from Forming for Next Season

Another key benefit of spraying for weeds during this time period is that it can help prevent the formation of weed seeds. Spraying in late summer and early fall allows us to use a pre-emergent formula, which prevents seeds from forming on existing weeds and also keeps new ones from sprouting up.

This means that as we head into winter, you won’t have to worry about having any unwanted weeds sprouting up on your lawn. In addition, it also helps to ensure that fewer weeds will appear next spring and summer when temperatures start to warm up again.

Many of our readers are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of getting back to lawn work in the spring, only to realize that there are already weeds sprouting up everywhere. By taking preventive measures now, you can help to keep this from happening so that you can enjoy your lawn without any worries next year.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer a wide range of lawn and yard maintenance services including professional weed spraying. Our experienced technicians are happy to help you take care of your lawn, both now and in the future, so that it can remain healthy and free from pesky weeds. Contact us today to learn more about our services around Logan!

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