Practices for Healthy, Productive Fruit Trees

Practices for Healthy, Productive Fruit Trees

There are many cases of trees and other greenery that involve elements of year-round care for maximum beauty and/or production, and a great example here are various fruit trees you may have on your property. A few basic practices during the current cold, dormant season will go a long way to helping your fruit trees be productive and healthy throughout the year, especially as we approach spring here in a few months. 

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to offer a wide range of tree care services to clients around Logan, including tree spraying, insecticide treatments and various other needs you may have. Here ar4e some basic tips on some dormant season practices for preventing issues with your fruit trees during the latter parts of winter and the early days of spring, ensuring your trees stay both healthy and productive this year. 

Preventive Sprays

One of the most important parts of dormant season care for any fruit tree is prevention of pests or diseases that may impact the tree during other parts of the year. This is particularly important for fruit trees, which face several unique pest issues in many cases. The basic idea here is to perform a spray treatment over your fruit trees’ bark and branches, one designed to keep insects away and protect against fungus or disease buildup.

A couple particular sprays should be considered here depending on your tree types and needs. One common example is horticultural oil, which will help prevent mites and other pests from infesting your fruit trees. Dormant sprays can also target diseases like fire blight, one of the most common concerns for many fruit tree owners.


Another key practice during the dormant season for fruit trees is fertilization. This is a period where you have an opportunity to give your fruit trees the nutrients they’ll need throughout the year, especially as we move into the spring when growth begins and your tree will require significant energy reserves.

Often important here will be the use of all-purpose fertilizer, one equipped with micronutrients that will offer a range of important nutrients for your fruit trees. This fertilizer should be used in late winter or early spring when the tree is dormant, and it’s also recommended to use compost or other organic options at certain points during the growth season.


Finally, another key practice during the fruit tree dormant season is pruning. This is both cosmetic and about maintaining good branch structure for the tree as it grows, which will lead to more fruit production and a healthier overall tree. 

This is also the time where you should remove any branches that have died over the winter period, along with others that are infected in some fashion. Pruning can be tricky for those inexperienced, so we’re here to offer pruning services at Logan Extermination if needed.

For more on any of our dormant season or other tree care services, speak to the team at Logan Extermination today. We’re happy to provide you with additional information on any of our pest control or tree care offerings, including how we can help your fruit trees thrive and produce beautiful, healthy fruits all year round.

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