Logan Summer Fruit Tree Spraying Recommendations

summer fruit tree spraying

For those who have fruit trees on their property, the use of certain spraying services for prevention throughout their growing seasons is often very important. This is a process that should be done throughout the warm part of the year, with certain sprays or spray types that are best applied at various times through the summer.

At Logan Extermination, we’re happy to offer the best tree spraying and insecticide treatments you’ll find in Logan or nearby areas. From assisting with disease prevention to ensuring quality growth and everything in between, we’re here to serve you and any trees on your property, including fruit trees. What are a couple threats often facing fruit trees during the summer, and what are a few spray types and related timing needs you might be considering, often with the help of our professionals? Here’s a primer.

Common Risks to Fruit Trees

Here are a few of the insects that may cause issues with your fruit trees:

  • Codling moth: Perhaps the most well-known pest for both fruit trees and certain other crops is the codling moth, which is drawn to apples, pears, and other fruits. This moth will often enter through the stem end of the fruit, eating its way in until it reaches the core.
  • Aphids: These small pests are commonly found on the leaves or stems of various plants, and they can weaken a plant by robbing it of vital nutrients. In addition, they may also spread plant viruses.
  • Cherry maggot: In addition, the cherry maggot is a serious pest for, as the name suggests, cherries. These pests will lay their eggs in ripening cherries, with the larvae then Tunneling through the fruit as it feeds.

We can help you choose the best tree sprays and related products to address these common risks (and others), based on the types of issues your trees are dealing with.

General Spraying Timing

While these may vary significantly depending on your trees and any specific risks they’re facing, here are some general guidelines for certain fruit tree sprays through the summer:

  • General-purpose sprays: For these general sprays, which help with everything from pests to disease, a variety of times throughout the summer may be recommended.
  • Fungicide sprays: These are often applied early in the spring, as well as 2-3 times during the summer.
  • Insecticide sprays: As with fungicides, these are often applied early in the spring, but may also be applied every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer months. In cases where codling moths have infested a given tree, insecticides should be sprayed multiple times: Once when they’re found, once again in about two weeks once petals begin to fall, and then one final time in mid-summer to kill off “second generation” moths that sometimes appear.
  • Dormant oil sprays: Dormant oil sprays will also usually be used early in the spring, before leaf buds begin to open — this only needs to be done every few years in most cases, so check to see when the last time you had this done.

For more on summer fruit tree spraying themes and recommendations, or to learn about any of our tree spraying, lawn care services or pest control solutions to Logan clients, speak to the team at Logan Extermination today.

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