Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hang Holiday Lights

shouldn’t wait holiday lights

While it’s still November, many people around Logan and other parts of Utah are already beginning to think about the upcoming holiday season. One area of consideration that may benefit your property in more than just areas like aesthetics and holiday cheer: Hanging your holiday lights well in advance.

At Logan Extermination, while our chief services are in areas like lawn and yard maintenance, pest control and other property care, we’re happy to provide expertise in related realms as well. There are both aesthetic and practical reasons why hanging holiday lights before the snow hits is beneficial, including some that relate to our specialties. Here’s a dive into why it’s often ideal to get your holiday lights hung up well in advance.

It’s Easier to Spray for Pests

Many holiday decorations will involve trees or other shrubs on your property, and pest prevention is always a concern in fall. If you want to take extra steps this holiday season, spraying for pests is easier to do if your lights are already hung when the weather turns chilly.

Once there’s snow on the ground, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to climb ladders or risk electrocution on a wet ladder by taking down and putting back up your lights. This is a great time of year to take care of any small pests such as spiders and gnats.

Ensuring Trees and Shrubs Are Comfortable

In addition, if you’ll be hanging lights on trees and shrubs, waiting too long can make them uncomfortable. Too much weight, for instance, can cause damage to a tree’s branches, and there are other steps you can take to make sure your shrubs remain healthy.

And if you’re attempting this process later in the winter when there’s already copious snow, you may have trouble finding areas on your property to hang lights. The branches and foliage of trees and shrubs can be weighed down with snow, making it harder to get lights into the right positions.

It’s Safer and Easier

From a general standpoint, it’s also safer to hang holiday lights when the temperatures are mild, simply because there aren’t likely to be significant changes in the weather that can make it unsafe or difficult for you or those helping you. No one wants to be up on a ladder in the middle of a blizzard, or when the winds are high.

Instead, take the time now while the weather is still mild to hang your lights, and ensure you’re ready for the upcoming holidays.

For more on why it’s often beneficial to get your holiday lights hung up before the winter snow hits, or to learn about any of our pest control, tree and shrub care or other related services, speak to our team at Logan Extermination today.

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