Value of Hanging Logan Holiday Lights and Decorations Early

value holiday lights early

For some who enjoy putting up holiday lights and various other decorations on their property headed into December, doing this far in advance is a great way to show off your holiday spirit. For others, though, it’s also a practical move — there are multiple benefits to getting your lights and other decorations up before the snow falls, including both pest prevention and general care for items like trees, shrubs and your lawn.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer a variety of home and property services in Logan and other parts of Utah, from tree and lawn care to insecticide spray and other forms of pest control for your entire property. What are some of the reasons we recommend getting your lights up as early as possible, and ideally before any snow has hit the ground this year? Here’s a basic rundown.

Tree and Shrub Care

In many cases, lights and other holiday decorations will include the trees or shrubs on your property. One reason we recommend doing this early: To ensure they’re installed carefully and in the right places before snow falls and changes the equation.

If you drape far too many lights on a given tree, for instance, it may risk collapsing once heavy snow starts to accumulate. If you have a particularly beautiful or ornate shrub wrapped in lights, it may not survive the weight of snow if these decorations aren’t installed properly.

Pest Prevention Themes

In addition, you’ll want to take a few steps to prevent potential pest presence on or around these lights — and therefore on your trees. We recommend choosing LED lights if you have the choice, as these emit lower UV levels than other popular light styles, and therefore will attract many fewer insects to them. And because they also give off less heat, bugs like mosquitoes who use heat to guide their movements will not be drawn to them.


Along these lines, it’s also important to be sure that your trees are well-protected from pest assault before you place any lights on them — especially if they’re weak or compromised in some other way at the time. Insecticide and other forms of tree spraying are areas where our team will be happy to assist you.

Check Lights in Advance

One additional theme we recommend here: Be sure to check that all your lights are working properly before you wrap them around various trees, shrubs and your home itself. You don’t want to get hours into a decoration process only to realize that one set of lights isn’t shining bright or is already burned out.

For more on why it’s beneficial to your property to hang holiday lights and decorations early, especially on trees and shrubs, or to learn about any of our tree care, lawn maintenance or other services in Logan, speak to the staff at Logan Extermination today.

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