Stopping Peach Tree Borers from Impacting Logan Fruit Trees

peach tree borers fruit trees

There are a few elements of fruit tree care that should often begin in the late winter or very early spring period of the year, and one good example for stone fruit trees is taking steps to prevent peach tree borer issues. Peach tree borers are harmful insects that do damage to various fruit trees, burrowing into their trunks and devouring the insides, and they can completely kill many trees if they are not addressed.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer the very best tree spraying and insecticide treatments you’ll find in Logan or other parts of Utah, ensuring that risks like these are not a concern for your trees. Here’s a basic primer on what the peach tree borer is, why it’s a problem, and how you can prevent it from showing up.

Fruit Tree Borer Basics and Issues

The fruit tree borer is an insect that attacks trees themselves, rather than their fruit like many other insects do. It’s found across many parts of the United States, emerging in spring from larvae that have overwintered inside the tree – this overwintering behavior is part of why addressing these issues early in spring is a good idea.

Upon maturing, larvae immediately try to find ways inside the tree’s bark. This can cause damage to the tree, which can lead to infection, sap loss, and other problems. Severe damage to the tree is a potential result if this insect isn’t addressed right away.

Early Treatment is Vital

Stopping borers from becoming established is the key goal in treating these pests. For stone fruit trees, spraying with insecticide is a key part of this process – and the best time to do this is usually anytime from mid-to-late winter, through the early spring period.

Insecticides can be used on their own to control borer populations, or as part of a larger approach. Small holes found in tree trunks should be probed with a wire to ensure that the larvae are in fact present, and then insecticide may be applied.

Be on the Lookout for Adults

During the first few weeks of summer, adults may be seen flying around the tree and looking for entry points. These adult moths have translucent wings, looking similar to wasps in many ways but with smaller stripes. If either larvae or adults are spotted, insecticides can again be applied to keep these pests in check.

With the right care and treatment, you can keep your fruit trees safe from the peach tree borer – and get the most out of them in terms of fruit production. Contact us at Logan Extermination today to discuss your options for treating this pest and keeping your Logan trees fruitful!

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