Logan Insects Don’t Take the Holidays Off – Neither Should You!

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and many people look forward to annual holiday parties they throw each year in their homes. One possible risk to these festivities that should be considered and managed ahead of time: Ensuring your holiday party doesn’t become ground zero for a major pest infestation.

At Logan Extermination, we’re proud to offer high-quality pest control services to clients throughout Logan and nearby areas – and we’re here to tell you that while people might need the occasional break from daily life during the holidays, insects and other pests absolutely don’t. Letting your guard down with regard to pest control around your holiday party or any similar gathering could lead to an infestation; however, with some simple steps, you can easily avoid this. Here are some basic tips on steering clear of holiday party pest risks.

Check Trees or Other Plants Before They Enter the Home

If you’re bringing in typical outside items like trees, wreaths, or other plants for your holiday party, make sure you check them for pests first. This includes examining them for signs of eggs, larvae, and adult insects.

You’d be shocked how often people bring in their decorations and unwittingly add pests to the equation. Be sure to check any items that could potentially be carriers of insects or rodents before they make it into your festive home.

Immediate Cleanup

Both for any specific spills and the entire party in general, one simple concept to consistently adhere to is that of immediate cleanup. The longer stray food or drink particles remain in the area, the more likely you are to attract pests.

Be sure to mop up any spilled beverages immediately and dispose of all food waste as soon as possible to limit your pest risks. Plus, an added bonus: This will ensure that your living space remains tidy post-party!

And when the party itself is done, don’t leave plates and cups lying around. Clean up and dispose of these items as soon as possible to reduce the chances of attracting pests.

Consider Your Garbage Storage

Particularly after a holiday party where you might have a greater quantity of food and packaging waste than usual, you should pay special attention to where your garbage is stored.

Be sure that all your canisters are sealed well and kept in an area away from pets or children. If possible, try to store it in a garage or shed that is well-sealed to prevent pests from entering.

At Logan Extermination, we want to help you enjoy the holiday season with peace of mind. Don’t let a pest infestation ruin your holiday party! Follow these simple steps and enjoy a safe and happy gathering. And if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our top-notch pest control, lawn care or yard care services in the Logan area, contact us at your convenience.

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