Insecticide, Fungicide and Fertilizer Tips for Early Spring

Insecticide, Fungicide and Fertilizer Tips for Early Spring

Proper care for trees and shrubs on your property is a year-round exercise in many cases, and some great examples here can be found in certain kinds of care you can provide during the late winter and early spring seasons. In particular, there are a few different insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer products that can be used this time of year to prevent things like aphids, gall and other insects, plus provide multiple other benefits.

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to offer a wide range of lawn care and tree care services to clients around Logan and nearby areas, including important seasonal care items like aphid spray, insecticide sprays and more. Here are a few of the most important products and services to be considered for this time of year, plus the benefits they may show for your landscape or property.

Imidacloprid Preventive Insecticide

When it comes to insecticide considerations for your trees and shrubs, one of the top choices on the market is imidacloprid, a preventive insecticide product designed to help keep various insects away from plants. This product acts on the central nervous system of insects, including things like aphids, leaf miners, gall and wood-boring insects, and several others. You may recognize it if you have pets – it’s also sometimes used as a flea and other pest prevention method for them as well.

This product is most commonly applied to trees and shrubs in a liquid form, often during the late winter or early spring seasons when insects are first starting to become active again. It’s important to apply this product before any harm has been done by insects – it serves as a preventive measure rather than a reactive one. Imidacloprid does work post haste, but it is VERY slow to move, so prevention is still key. It will only move 1 ft. per day.

Garden Phos or Systemic Fungicides

Another very important product for trees and shrubs is a fungicide, which targets fungal diseases that can harm these plants. The best time to apply a fungal preventive product is during the late winter or early spring seasons, when the fungus spores are starting to become active again.

Some of the top choices here are Garden Phos and systemic fungicides, which function by being absorbed into the soil and then taken up by plants through their roots. They provide a comprehensive prevention method against diseases like blight, leaf spots, mildew and various others. Fire Blight is a pervasive disease in the valley that affects apples and pears. Garden Phos works preventively and is the only known corrective for Fire Blight.

Season-Long Fertilizers

Both for shade and for flowering trees, fertilizers are vital products during the late winter and early spring seasons. These fertilizers provide important nutrients to plants as they start growing again after a period of dormancy, helping them develop strong roots, leaves and more.

There are several different fertilizer types out there to consider, but many experts recommend selecting a season-long option that will slowly release nutrients over time. This prevents nutrient buildup in the soil and prevents any potential harm to plants or the environment. Additionally, you may consider choosing a fertilizer that’s specifically designed for trees and shrubs, as opposed to general lawn fertilizers which may not contain all the necessary nutrients for these types of plants.

With the right basic care products and services, you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy and thriving throughout the year. Contact us at Logan Extermination today to learn more about any of our lawn or tree care services, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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