Value of Lawn Fertilization and Season-Long Logan Lawn Maintenance

lawn fertilization season-long maintenance

As anyone with years of experience in quality lawn care can tell you, this is a season-long process that begins in spring and stretches all the way through into fall and even early winter. One of the most important parts of the process during its early phases, and also at various other stages: Fertilization.

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to provide Logan clients with a comprehensive range of lawn and yard maintenance services, and fertilization is absolutely among these. Fertilization is vital for helping kick off the growing season for your lawn — let’s go over some basics on timing and fertilizer type, plus an important note on the fact that while spring is indeed one period where fertilization is vital, it’s far from the only one, and this and other themes should be continued in a season-long manner.

Fertilizer Type

Broadly speaking, there are two types of lawn fertilizer to select between:

  • Organic: These fertilizers are derived from natural ingredients, and they work to improve the overall soil health. They release nutrients slowly, meaning they don’t produce an immediate “green-up” but rather foster a long-term improvement in the lawn’s condition.
  • Inorganic: As the name suggests, these fertilizers are made from synthetic materials. They’re more potent and can provide an immediate boost to the lawn’s appearance, but they also run the risk of causing excessive growth or other problems if used incorrectly.

Spring Fertilizer Timing

In some cases, the precise timing of your lawn fertilization in spring will depend somewhat on which fertilizer type is chosen, plus on factors like your location and weather conditions. However, there are some general tips that can be followed:

  • Organic fertilizers should generally be applied in spring as the weather starts to warm up; aim for a time when nighttime lows are consistently above 50 degrees.
  • Inorganic fertilizers can be applied earlier, as soon as the ground is thawed and you can get equipment onto the lawn.
  • It’s important to avoid over-fertilizing, so it’s a good idea to consult with a professional about what your specific needs are.

Not Just a Spring Thing

As we noted above, it’s vital for property owners to realize that lawn fertilization is not a one-and-done thing in the spring — and neither are other related areas of lawn care. Depending on your precise lawn type, your goals for it, the fertilizer you use and a few other factors, there may be several other times throughout the year when fertilization is recommended.

For example, late summer/early fall is often a key time for fertilization if you’re aiming to improve your lawn’s resistance to cold weather and winter injury. Fertilizing in late fall can also help promote healthy root growth and green-up come springtime. This is a season-long theme that should be considered throughout your lawn’s active life.

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to help Logan homeowners with all of their lawn care needs. For more information on our fertilizer services or any of our other offerings, please contact us today!

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