Seasonal Vole Treatments, Aerations and Fertilizing

vole treatments aerations fertilizing

As we move away from the hottest parts of the year around Utah and toward the cooler season, there are a few areas of your outdoor property to be closely considering. Fall and the early winter periods are ideal for tasks such as; vole treatment, lawn aeration, and winter fertilizer. All important considerations to keep in mind.

At Logan Extermination, we’re here to help clients around Logan and nearby areas with all their lawn and yard maintenance needs, tree and shrub care, and numerous related areas (including comprehensive pest control solutions). Here are some basics on each of these important areas to be thinking about as the leaves fall and we begin moving toward the coldest parts of the year.

Vole Treatments

For those unaware, voles refer to a common type of rodent that can often cause serious damage to lawns and other outdoor areas. They’re particularly problematic in the fall and winter months, when they’re known for burrowing into grasses and creating pathways that can quickly kill off large swaths of lawn or create dangerous tripping hazards for humans.

The key here is prevention – as we move into the cooler months, you want to control the population of voles before the snow hits. This is because once this happens, the predators that typically keep vole populations under control are unable to access them, leading to significant damage. If you want to keep your turf in great shape throughout the winter, vole treatments are often vital.

Fall Lawn Aeration

While lawn aeration can be done at a few times throughout the year, fall is easily the most ideal. This process involves creating small holes in the grass to reduce soil compaction and promote better nutrient uptake, helping keep your lawn healthy during the dormant winter months.

Fall aeration is particularly useful for cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass that are common here in Utah.

Winter Fertilizer

As we move toward winter, the form of lawn fertilization that you’re looking for is known as dormant fertilization. This means you’re not actually trying to help the grass grow, but rather are giving it nutrients that will be stored in the root system and used during the spring.

This is a vital step for keeping your lawn healthy – without these nutrients, it may struggle to come back properly once spring arrives. Many homeowners choose professional fertilization services like those offered at Logan Extermination to ensure proper nutrients are given in the right amounts.

As you can see, there’s plenty of work to be done on your lawn and outdoor areas during the fall and early winter periods. Whether it’s addressing vole issues, aerating your lawn or providing vital nutrients through fertilization, Logan Extermination is here to help with all these needs and more. Give us a call to learn about any of our lawn care or pest control services or to schedule an appointment. Let’s keep your property looking its best throughout the year!

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